Energie AG
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Sustainable energy concepts. Secure energy supply.
The company was founded in 1993 when it became clear that we were at the beginning of an international energy revolution. Within one year, Energie AG was able to produce its own electricity from renewable resources in its power plants. Since then, the number of the company’s power plants has grown continuously and it was able to gradually improve energy efficiency through modernization and construction of new sites. With rising costs for ever scarcer fossil fuel resources like oil, gas, and coal, the economic efficiency of renewable energy plants will increase and gain in importance.

Energie AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alimco FIN AG and therefore part of the Alimco Group
Currently there are 10 renewable energy power plants in operation in Italy: Eight hydroelectric, one photovoltaic power plant, and one wind farm. More will follow. The yearly output is at present on average 200 million kWh. This corresponds with the yearly energy consumption of approximately 60,000 households.

The company headquarters and administrative office is in Bolzano, Italy.
Currently we employ a staff of 19 in administration, development and operation.
Board of Management: Robert Pichler, Benedikt Kormaier, Roland Pichler
Chairman of the Board of Management and CEO: Benedikt Kormaier

Organizational Chart