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Owner of this website and responsible for its content:

Energie SpA
Dr. Benedikt Kormaier
Raingasse 20
39100 Bozen/Bolzano Italien
Phone: +39 0471 319700
Fax: +39 0471 941292
PEC: energiespa@pec.it
Email: info@energie.energy

Tax identification number, VAT registration number and number of Commercial Register Bolzano: 01373000213
Working capital: 2,090,000 € fully paid.
Company of the alimco Fin SpA (art. 2497-bis C.C.)

Programming and web design:

Internet agency South Tyrol Graphic Studio Creation, Sterzing/Vipiteno

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Great care was taken to ensure that the information on the website is accurate. However, Energie SpA assumes no liability for any errors or omissions, including those in regard to the use of the information.

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Offers and services on our website are designed to be anonymous. We do not collect personal data, only anonymous data not linked to an individual are stored. Collected data of clients will be handled in accordance with the Italian Law decree 196/2003 and used only in conjunction with the processing of an inquiry. Data will be processed in written form and/or magnetic/electronic media and treated in compliance with all security measures. Data will not be passed to third parties without explicit consent to do so.

The client is not required to release any personal information to Energie SpA. However, Energie SpA cannot execute requests without client data or deliver services. Energie SpA guarantees that the information entered will be treated as strictly confidential.


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