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Every year we produce more than 200 million kWh of competitive green electricity and trending upward.
The entire output is fed into the international energy market with a profit.

Convincing energy efficiency

Hydro, wind, and solar power are renewable energy sources- and local resources. They are unlimited. Their use is sustainable, emission free, and CO²-neutral. The operation of the power plant produces no greenhouse gases and is not detrimental to the health of employees and residents. Cutting-edge technologies in the development of power plants are making higher performance standards possible and allow for more flexibility in site selection. New sites secure the necessary sustainable energy supply and new qualified jobs are created without having a negative and irreversible impact on the environment.

High profitability

We operate our power plants efficiently and competitively. Natural resources like the sun, wind, and water are available for free. No need for additional purchases, no processing, and no waste strain the balance of energy versus pollutant. Also, the national health care system and the ecological balance of our atmosphere are not impacted. Costs for improvements and modernizations stay within calculable reserves without uncertainties in the future. These are all convincing arguments when considering profitability.

High expansion rate in the area of renewable energy

We are expanding and investing in new sites that have the potential of profitable renewable energies- globally. With technological know-how and international experience we are partners for developing, assessment, and realization of new types of power plants in ideal locations.

Globally, a minimum of 144 countries are looking to expand their renewable energy production and 138 countries offer incentives for their proliferation, among them 85 developing and emerging countries. South America is one of the most interesting developing markets.

Service and benefits for partners

Partner-companies take advantage of our services in the energy sector including our know-how, experience, and competence:

  • Production and sale of electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources
  • Adherence to the Legal Compliance
  • Certification of the net electricity of all energy systems
  • Declaration of origin with specific details of the power plants
  • Disclosure of the energy balance sheet of produced and sold electricity
  • Commitment to a sustainable corporate policy
  • Compliance with all national regulations

We will gladly offer you a detailed consultation, explain the long-term corporate strategy, and answer your questions.
Our representatives are always available.