Energie AG
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As power plant operators and suppliers of green electricity, we are reliable partners for the expansion and development of renewable energy plants. Cutting-edge technology, experience, and know-how allow us to achieve higher levels of efficiency and develop new locations for high efficiency power plants and facilities. Sustainable energy concepts together with renewable energy plants cause no damaging CO²-emissions, thereby avoiding the negative impact for people and the environment. This means a cleaner future for the next generations.

Our power plants and sites for renewable energy are the best example of a successful and sustainable energy and economic policy that balances ecology, economy, and site development.

 Energie AG offers:

  1. Competitive energy production with renewable energies: hydro, wind, and solar power
  2. Sustainable energy concepts that take advantage of local resources
  3. Application and development of cutting-edge technologies
  4. Optimal site integration
  5. Active climate protection
  6. Secure and qualified jobs at new locations
  7. Expansion and ongoing development in the marketplace of the future of renewable energies

We make regular investments in an effort to modernize and ecologically improve our existing facilities and continually expand through additional construction and acquisition of efficient hydro, wind, and solar power plants. With an emphasis on sophisticated technologies and ideal site adaptation, we have a proven record regarding safety and competence in the renewable energy sector.

For information, consultation, and development of suitable energy concepts please contact us anytime- we are available worldwide.