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Does it make sense to build a new power plant in our area?
Will construction and operation impact residents, community, and environment?
Which advantages, possibilities, and risks will we encounter?

People have many questions when a new power plant project is proposed for their neighborhood- just as decision makers who want to use and produce environmentally friendly electricity compatible with their regional responsibility do.

Interested parties, as well as the public, have a right to clear information and transparent data. That is why all the information about our company, power plants, new projects, and guidelines is presented in detail, intelligible, and comprehensible.

These are answers to your questions:

  1. Use of local resources such as solar, wind, or hydro- power
  2. Performance, energy efficiency, and economic feasibility of renewable energy sources
  3. Sustainability and environmental compatibility of our green electricity power plants
  4. Type, design, and technology of new power plants
  5. Type of construction measures of new projects and their impact on residents and environment
  6. Projected creation of new jobs
  7. Upgrading of infrastructure: roads, access roads, etc.
  8. Financing, funds, one-time or recurring contributions to affected municipalities

We gladly make all pertaining information available online and offline for residents, the public, representatives of the media, and all other interested parties.

We also welcome requests to visit the power plants.
We thank you for your interest!