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Renewable energies guarantee that our children, and their children, will be able to grow up with the security of an energy supply that poses no economical or health risk. Sustainability, economic viability, environmental protection, and climate compatibility are goals of energy policies, and therefore, the key for a secure future for many generations. Utopia or reality?
See for yourself!

Guided tours provide insight into the production of electricity with renewable energy sources. We provide information regarding operation, explain possibilities, and inform about the environmental impact- right inside our power plants.

A representative in our headquarters in Bolzano will coordinate and organize your visit- we are looking forward to it!


Healthy energy for our children

Our children will grow up with more and more renewable energies. That is why in 2016 we will start our initiative “Healthy Energy for Kids”. We will make informational material pertaining to this important subject of the future available to schools and nursery schools, as well as technical details of energy production. Anybody interested can sign up right now – and get registered to receive up-to-date information.

We are looking forward to meeting you!
And to share a common future!