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Energie AG says YES: to sustainable power production from renewable energy sources.

We are your reliable and trustworthy partner in the development and operation of competitive renewable energies:
For the good of the environment and the people…
and from an economic viability perspective.

Italy decided as early as 1987 to abandon nuclear energy production.

We take this seriously.

Nevertheless, time and time again various groups demand the renewed activation of nuclear power plants. The economical burden, ecological catastrophes, and health related dangers are intentionally not mentioned.

Electricity production with nuclear power plants has consequences: highly toxic nuclear waste without a solution for its final storage, danger of contamination lasting thousands of years, permanent threat to our livelihood, and no protection in case of catastrophic accidents. In addition, their operation, considering all factors and costs (acquisition of uranium as well as unresolved permanent storage and its subsequent damages), is unprofitable and even cost-incurring.

When all arguments speak against the use of risky and limited fossil energy sources – and for renewable energy solutions, we are part of the solution.

We offer safe energy for the future of many generations.